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Danbury, Connecticut 06810
United States
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Contact Name: Donna Lucente
Contact Title: CEO
Email: sales@tickkey.com
Website: https://www.tickkey.com
Year Founded: 2007
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When we first set out to create this innovative tick remover tool, we were adamant about finding a balance between modest design and solid, reliable construction. Rather than using flimsy plastic material, the Original TickKey™ is built using a durable anodized aluminum and is strong enough to remove ticks quickly and with ease. However, it is the simplicity of the design that prevents disease from spreading during removal, and because there is no pinching, pulling or prodding, the urge to squirm is eliminated. Both people and pets are able to remain calm and comfortable until the tick is safely removed. We are the "Original" - Tested & Perfected! We are 100% USA Made & Woman-Owned!

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