New Life International - Manufacturer

Division: New Life Spectrum Fish Food
31950 SW 197th Ave
Homestead, Florida 33030
United States
Phone: (305) 245-1906
Contact Name: Raquel Senra
Contact Title: Brand Support Lead
Year Founded: 1994
President: Pablo Tepoot (CEO)
Vice President: Ian Tepoot (President)
Sales Manager: Raquel Senra
Media Manager: Ian Tepoot

New Life SpectrumŽ premium fish foods backed by the Spectrum Guarantee (use Spectrum exclusively for 30 days for the first time, and you will see a noticeable increase in health, vitality and color as well as reduction of malnutrition related fin, head and lateral line erosion). New Life SpectrumŽ uses only the best ingredients, like Whole Antarctic Krill, Squid, Kelp, Spirulina, Garlic and more. There is Spectrum formula for almost every freshwater fish, marine fish, crustacean or coral in your aquarium.

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