Hagen Group - Manufacturer

305 Forbes Blvd.
Mansfield, Massachusetts 02048
United States
Phone: (508) 339-9531
Toll Free Number: 800-225-2700
Fax: (508) 339-6973
Contact Name: Damian Hall
Contact Title: Marketing Manager
Email: orders-usa@rchagen.com
Website: http://www.hagen.com
Year Founded: 1955
President: Rolf Hagen Jr.
Media Manager: Damian Hall
Listing Categories:
        Boutique Products: Beds/Bedding, Dishes/Bowls/Placemats (pet),
        Cat Products: Beds/Bedding, Dental Products, Dishes/Feeders/Placemats, Flea & Tick Control, Foods/Meal Enhancers, Furniture and Condos, Grooming Wipes, Litter, Litter Boxes and Accessories, Scratching Posts/Boxes/Mats, Shampoos/Conditioners, Show Cages/Crates, Toys, Travel Products/Carriers/Strollers, Treats, Brushes/Combs, Catnip Items, Cleaners/Odor Control, Clippers/Scissors/Trimmers, Collars/Harnesses/Leads,
        Dog Products: Activity Products, Clean-up Bags/Tools, Cleaners/Odor Control, Clippers/Scissors/Trimmers, Collars/Harnesses/Leads, Dental Products, Dishes/Feeders/Placemats, Foods/Meal Enhancers, Gates/Barriers, Grooming Wipes, Nail Trimmers, Pee Pads, Beds/Bedding, Shampoos & Conditioners, Toys, Treats, Brushes/Combs, Cages/Crates/Accessories,
        Herp Products: Bedding & Substrate Products, Health & Safety Aids, Heating Products, Hygrometers, Lighting, Plants- Live, Supplements, Thermometers, Breeding Supplies, Cage & Terrarium Accessories, Cages/Terrariums, Clocks/Watches, Cleaners & Odor Control, Dishes & Feed Cups, Food, Handling Equipment

The Hagen Group is a globally recognized, family owned pet supply manufacturer and distributor with over 60 years experience in the pet industry. Our portfolio of brands includes Fluval, DogIt, CatIt, Exo Terra, Habitrail, Hari, Tropican and Laguna among others.