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United States
Phone: (732) 325-1422
Contact Name: Anthony Kroeger
Contact Title: Owner
Email: info@equatortropicals.com
Website: http://equatortropicals.com
Sales Manager: Anthony Kroeger
Media Manager: Luis Morales
Listing Categories: African, Angelfish, Bettas, Central American, Cichlids, Crabs, Discus, Domestic, European, Far Eastern, Goldfish, Common & Exotic, Guppies, Invertebrates, Koi, Live Rock/Live Sand, Mollies, Plants, Public Aquarium Display Specimens, South American, Tetras, Various, Batfish, Butterflyfish, Caribbean, Clams, Clownfish, Coral, Damsels, Eels, Hawaiian, Hermit Crabs, Indo-Pacific, Invertebrates, Live Rock/Live Sand, Mexican, Philippines, Plants, Public Aquarium Display Specimens, Red Sea, Seahorses, Starfish, Tangs, Tank Raised, Triggerfish, Wrasses

IMPORTERS OF RARE AND HARD TO FIND TROPICAL FISH AND PLANTS. Equator Tropicals is an importer and supplier of rare and exotic freshwater fish, marine fish, invertebrates and aquatic plants. We specialize in fish and aquatic plants from Nigeria, the Congo, Guinea, Rift Lakes, Sierra Leone, Asia and South America. Our customers are primarily retail pet shops and wholesalers but we do have an online store for those hobbyists who don't have access to a local fish store.

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